What is "Abstinence-Based Treatment"?

Addiction is more than a dependency upon alcohol, drugs, or painkillers. It is a disease that causes people to become self-destructive and hurtful toward others, and if untreated the person is unable to control unhealthy and self-defeating behaviors despite the physicial and mental risks. Those with addiction stand to damage their health, relationships with family and friends, careers and finances if nothing is done to help.At the Farley Center, we recognize that clients often need different treatment programs in order to get well. To this end, we work with our residents toward a common goal: full, long-term remission from this disease.Do we cure addicts? No. Addiction is a chronic illness that never completely goes away. However, our state of the art treatment programs and specialized rehab counseling can effectively achieve remission for you or your loved ones to ensure a happy future, free of dependency and full of love and hope.To achieve remission, we introduce "abstinence-based treatment" to our patients, which begins with a safe withdrawal from all controlled substances. Our rehabilitation programs include counseling and education on learning how to avoid relapse, so that patients may enjoy a life in recovery for many years.