Join the Voices for Recovery

September is Recovery Month and this year the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) celebrates the 30th anniversary of this addiction awareness campaign. It marks three decades of spreading the message that treatment is available, and people can and do recover—every day.

The 2019 Recovery Month theme, “Join the Voices for Recovery: Together We Are Stronger,” emphasizes the need to share resources and build networks to support the many paths to recovery. It reminds us that mental health and substance use disorders affect all of us and that we can all be part of the solution. Recovery Month highlights inspiring stories to help thousands of people from all walks of life find the path to hope, health, and overall well-being. 

Over the years, Recovery Month has inspired millions of people to raise awareness about mental and substance use disorders, share their stories of recovery, and encourage others who are still in need of services and support. Recovery Month began in 1989 as “Treatment Works! Month,” which honored the work of substance use treatment professionals in the field. The observance evolved into “National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month” in 1998 when it expanded to include celebrating the accomplishment of individuals in recovery from substance use disorders. Eight years ago, the observance evolved once again to “National Recovery Month” (Recovery Month) to include mental illness.

What You Can Do

One way to help your community rally around treatment and recovery is to encourage

social media user-generated content. Encourage people to show off the new “r is for Recovery” symbol. Urge participants to use hashtags like #RecoveryMonth, #RisforRecovery, or #Recovery. Encourage them to share their personal stories about recovery and to tag their friends, family, and other members of their community. A local social media campaign is something easy for people to participate in and can foster a positive, collaborative spirit among community members.

SAMHSA’s  Recovery Month toolkit provides a lot more information, resources, and ideas on how to get involved. With your help, the millions of Americans affected by mental and substance use disorders, including co-occurring disorders, will be lifted up into a life in recovery, filled with hope, health, and personal growth. 

You can also find a Recovery Month event in your area and learn more about local activities to support recovery efforts.


If you or someone you know is struggling with substance use and could benefit from addiction treatment services, please contact The Farley Center at Williamsburg Place at 800.582.6066 or fill out our admissions request form.