The Williamsburg Alumni Chapter would like to support our recent alums by offering a bridge into the local recovery community. Attending a 12-step meeting within the first 24 hours after discharge is essential to the continued success that has been established at The Farley Center.

Below are ways that the Alum-to-Alum chapter may be able to help the newest alumni:

  • Take them to a 12-step meeting or meet them there
  • Answer questions regarding recovery and living a sober life
  • Help build connections within the sober community

The role of Alum-to-Alum is to help connect new alumni with the recovery community. It is not intended to take the place of a sponsor/sponsee relationship. The new alumnus or alumna should be actively working a 12-step program and committed to recovery principles.

“Hi my name is (first name, last initial). I am with The Farley Center Alum-to-Alum Program and want to reach out to you to ask if you would like to connect at a meeting today or tonight.”

The initial phone conversation may take many forms, but at the left is a suggested introduction that can be used to start the conversation between you and the new alum.

Keep the call brief. Hopefully, the new alumnus or alumna will be willing to go to a meeting. If the conversation doesn’t go well, remember that we can always share our experience, strength, and hope, but we are not therapists and should avoid assuming this role.

Being of service to others is the fundamental principle of our recovery, and providing this service demonstrates this. Thank you for your participation in the Alum-to-Alum Program.

More Information

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