What actually happens when you call an addiction center?

Call an addiction rehab

If you’re in the thrall of active addiction, you have no time to lose. Delaying treatment can be very dangerous. Call The Farley Center at Williamsburg Place in Virginia as soon as possible to find out how they can help launch your recovery. If you are a family member concerned about a loved one, you can find out what treatment options are available. When you call, the licensed and experienced admission staff will collect relevant information to help the medical staff decide if The Farley Center is the best treatment option for you. Tanya Parsons is the admissions manager at The Farley Center. “The initial call may take 15–20 minutes,” she says. “A Farley representative will ask a few questions about the patient's location, age, and background. In addition, there will be question about the medical history of the potential client and what substances the individual has been using.”

“It’s very helpful if clients have their medications at hand so we can take down details about any prescriptions and present them to a physician to get final approval quickly,” says Parsons. “And if they can provide information about their health insurance, we can usually tell them right away whether it’s an insurance plan we accept.”

The Farley Center accepts most commercial insurance providers. After the initial call and preliminary assessment, Farley will usually call back within an hour to explain cost and treatment options.

Farley representatives not only take in information, but they also help with any questions patients and family members might have. “Many callers inquire about the expected length of stay,” explains Parsons. “It’s typically 28 days unless you are a licensed professional.”

Length of stay in the professionals program is variable and depends on the needs of the individual and on the requirements of the relevant licensing board. “The average length of stay for professionals is 50–55 days, with a required minimum stay of six weeks in most cases,” says business development director Gary Davis. “Some stay longer, some shorter. It’s based on clinical assessments and needs of the patient.”

The Farley Center is widely recognized as one of the best treatment facilities in the United States for professionals such as physicians, dentists, pharmacists, attorneys, pilots, and executives. Farley’s long-standing relationship with state professional health monitoring programs has allowed many professional patients to transition from treatment back to their communities.

Farley also offers a military support path. Unfortunately, many addiction treatment centers are unable to help our men and women in uniform because they cannot handle TRICARE insurance cases directly. The Farley Center is different. “We have an active duty pathway,” explains Davis. “We have a pathway for retirees and for dependents of both active duty members and retirees. We even have a special pathway—which can get a little more complicated sometimes—for members of National Guard units or reservists who have TRICARE insurance.”

When they call, family members of people with addiction have a chance to learn how they can help on their end with the recovery of their loved one. Farley makes the admissions process as easy as possible and you can call at any time with your questions.