When There is Less Light, You Might Not Feel Quite Right

Substance Use Disorder

This time of year, it can sometimes seem as if the sun never shines. That can be particularly true if you have to be at work or school early and you put in a long day. In those circumstances, you might find yourself leaving home in the dark and returning in the dark during the […]

No Hard Definition of ‘Rock Bottom’

Rock Bottom, Rock,

Are you hip to Elmo’s feud with a pet rock named Rocco? Elmo, the red furry monster of Sesame Street fame, finds himself frequently losing his temper when faced with the demands of Rocco as presented by Elmo’s friend Zoe. As Elmo likes to remind anyone who will listen, Rocco is a rock! Rocks are, […]

Be Careful with Codeine to Avoid Serious Consequences

codeine opiate addiction, woman pouring cough medicine into a measuring cup - codeine

Brochure Request Be Careful with Codeine to Avoid Serious Consequences Date Published: July 28, 2022 Think back to the last time you had a persistent cough. Maybe you tried to ignore it for a couple of days. But soon enough, that cough may have been disrupting your sleep as well as making your days fairly […]