What Is Polysubstance Abuse?

What Is Polysubstance Abuse?

What Is Polysubstance Abuse? A person with addiction craves a substance because his or her body has become dependent on it. Some people use a single substance, such as a prescription painkiller or alcohol. Others use numerous drugs to get a specific result. This is called polysubstance abuse. What Happens in Polysubstance Abuse? Polysubstance abuse […]

Do Not Take Club Drugs Just to Be Sociable—Or For Any Other Reason

Despite the difficulties we have identified, it is possible to reclaim your sobriety after the struggles of club drug use

Have you ever heard someone say that they are just a “social smoker” or a “social drinker”? Maybe you have said something like this yourself.  The idea of the social smoker or drinker is that the person in question does not smoke or drink all of the time. Instead, they just light up or drink […]

Benefits and Hazards of Ambien

Ambien addiction, Ambien, no sleep insomnia ambien

Insomnia can be brutal, but what about Ambien? If you can’t get to sleep, you can’t recharge. And if you can’t recharge, you can’t function well during the day. And if you can’t function well during the day, everything can start to unravel. You become ineffective at work, school, and/or home. You forget important obligations. […]

Anxiety Disorders and The Misuse of Benzos

benzo addiction, Addiction to a Benzo

Imagine These Scenarios Imagine you have to take a big test tomorrow—maybe a test that will determine whether or not you can attend the college of your choice. Imagine you have a job interview tomorrow—maybe an interview that will determine whether you will advance in your career or stay stuck where you are. Imagine you […]