A Hobby Helps Your Recovery and Mental Health

A Hobby Helps Your Recovery and Mental Health

Do you find yourself feeling guilty when you are not doing something that could be called “productive”? Maybe you work all of the time—through your lunch hour, into the evening, and all weekend long. Maybe you feel overwhelmed by household chores—always doing laundry or dishes or yard work. Maybe you feel obligated to a range […]

We Are Dedicated to Serving Those Who Served Our Country

Military Intensive Outpatient Program, We Are Dedicated to Serving Those Who Served Our Country

No Meaningless Exercise: A Commitment to Fitness Supports Your Recovery Many Veterans of our nation’s military branches are very proud of their service—and rightfully so. Our service members—no matter which branch of the military they chose—make any number of sacrifices to protect the country they love. But even this well-earned sense of pride is often […]

How We’re Pioneering Treatment for High-Functioning Professionals

How We’re Pioneering Treatment for High-Functioning Professionals

Welcome to The Farley Center In the heart of Williamsburg, Virginia, The Farley Center at Williamsburg Place stands as a beacon of hope for high-functioning professionals grappling with addiction. Where Farley Started Established in 1990 with a short-lived focus on anesthesiologists, The Farley Center has evolved to become a premier destination for individuals seeking specialized […]

Walking the Balance Beam Between Boredom and Burnout

Boredom and Burnout

Picture a gymnast on a balance beam. For the moment, imagine the athlete standing with both feet on the beam maintaining their balance without any apparent effort. You’ll note that we used the word “apparent.” That is because it does take effort to stand still on the balance beam. But a gymnast has trained and […]

How Substance Use Disorders Relate to Sadness, Grief, and Depression

Relapse triggers, Sadness, Grief, Depression, Mental health care

While we hesitate to talk about emotions in terms of “positive” or “negative” feelings, we do acknowledge that some mind states can be particularly problematic for those in recovery from a substance use disorder. Emotions or states of mind that a person would rather not be experiencing can linger—and when they do, they can make […]

Employee Spotlight: Sheila Graves

employee spotlight sheila graves

Sheila Graves, LMSW, LCSW(s) Williamsburg Intensive Outpatient Therapist at The Farley Center Sheila comes with an array of life & career experience that’s led her to make the decision to go back to college at 38 y/o to become a LCSW Therapist.  She chose the University of Denver’s clinical adult mental health & addiction track […]