Here Come Four Holidays that can be Hard on Your Recovery

Holidays that can be Hard on Your Recovery

We are approaching a big run of holidays. In rapid succession, we will experience Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas (or a number of other December holidays), and New Year’s Eve. Many people find all of these holidays wholly delightful. Others like some more than others. And some people wish they didn’t have to deal with any of […]

Make Up Your Mind to Give Mindfulness a Try

Mindfulness in Recovery, Mindfulness Practice

Here is an experience you are likely familiar with. You are engaged in a task you have done a million times before—taking a shower, washing the dishes, mowing the lawn—and your thoughts start to drift. Maybe you find yourself replaying something that happened to you recently. Maybe you start to think about something that is […]

What is the Pink Cloud Syndrome?

Pink Cloud Syndrome, What Is Pink Cloud Syndrome?, Pink Cloud, Pink Cloud Syndrome, Pink Cloud in Recovery

Imagine you have just accomplished a significant goal—something you have been working toward for a long time. Maybe you got promoted. Maybe your significant other accepted your marriage proposal. Maybe you published a novel or took a dream vacation or shared the joy of one of your children being accepted by their first-choice college. Take […]

Commitment to Fitness

Brochure Request No Meaningless Exercise: A Commitment to Fitness Supports Your Recovery October 13, 2021 It is easy to find reasons not to get regular exercise. After all, we’re all really busy, right? We have responsibilities at work or school. We have people who are relying on us to do this or that or the […]

Eating Right Can Boost Your Health and Recovery

Eating Right in Recovery

Brochure Request A Focus on Eating Right Can Provide a Boost to Your Health and Recovery September 20, 2021 Your Diet Affects Your Sobriety It is easy to think of recovery from a substance use disorder in terms of what not to put in your body. It might seem that as long as you do […]

Maintaining Recovery while Celebrating the New Year

Maintaining Recovery during New Years

Brochure Request Maintaining Recovery while Celebrating the New Year January 04, 2021 In 1975, a group of people in Boston was looking for a way to celebrate New Year’s without the heavy use of alcohol that normally accompanied the festivities. The result of their efforts was the initial First Night, a celebration of the arts […]