Sexuality and Gender: Implications for Transgender Populations

Due to extraordinary demand, we have closed registration for this event.Fri, 07/27/2018 - 9:00am to 11:00am
Tammi Dice, Ph.D. and Tony Dice M.S.Ed., CSAC
The Pavilion At Williamsburg Place
5483 Mooretown Rd
Williamsburg, VA 23188
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Brief Summary

This presentation aims to describe the six dimensions of gender and sexuality and ways in which this contributes to understanding our clients. Definitions and statistics are provided as well as a review of the identity development process. Unique needs of the transgender populations will be discussed including the transition experience and specific helping skills. Resources and referral sources will be shared. Time for discussion and questions as well as activities to raise awareness will be inserted throughout.

Goals and Objectives

  • Promote understanding and use of current terminology
  • Describe the differences between gender identities and sexual orientations
  • Highlight key historical events and statistics relevant to transgender populations
  • Describe the transition experience and the role of the helper
  • Discuss helping skills relevant to working with transgender populations
  • Identify appropriate resources and referrals for transgender populations


Due to extraordinary demand, we have closed registration for this event

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