Here Come Four Holidays that can be Hard on Your Recovery

Holidays that can be Hard on Your Recovery

We are approaching a big run of holidays. In rapid succession, we will experience Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas (or a number of other December holidays), and New Year’s Eve. Many people find all of these holidays wholly delightful. Others like some more than others. And some people wish they didn’t have to deal with any of […]

Don’t Go It Alone: Keeping Loneliness at Bay in Recovery

Loneliness in recovery

It is probably the case that most everyone feels lonely from time to time.  Maybe you are the only person in the office on a Saturday while you try to catch up on work. Maybe you are home alone because everyone else in the family has one activity or another. Maybe a good friend is […]

Do Not Take Club Drugs Just to Be Sociable—Or For Any Other Reason

Despite the difficulties we have identified, it is possible to reclaim your sobriety after the struggles of club drug use

Have you ever heard someone say that they are just a “social smoker” or a “social drinker”? Maybe you have said something like this yourself.  The idea of the social smoker or drinker is that the person in question does not smoke or drink all of the time. Instead, they just light up or drink […]

Make Up Your Mind to Give Mindfulness a Try

Mindfulness in Recovery, Mindfulness Practice

Here is an experience you are likely familiar with. You are engaged in a task you have done a million times before—taking a shower, washing the dishes, mowing the lawn—and your thoughts start to drift. Maybe you find yourself replaying something that happened to you recently. Maybe you start to think about something that is […]

No Hard Definition of ‘Rock Bottom’

Rock Bottom, Rock,

Are you hip to Elmo’s feud with a pet rock named Rocco? Elmo, the red furry monster of Sesame Street fame, finds himself frequently losing his temper when faced with the demands of Rocco as presented by Elmo’s friend Zoe. As Elmo likes to remind anyone who will listen, Rocco is a rock! Rocks are, […]

Employee Spotlight: Sheila Graves

employee spotlight sheila graves

Sheila Graves, LMSW, LCSW(s) Williamsburg Intensive Outpatient Therapist at The Farley Center Sheila comes with an array of life & career experience that’s led her to make the decision to go back to college at 38 y/o to become a LCSW Therapist.  She chose the University of Denver’s clinical adult mental health & addiction track […]

What is the Pink Cloud Syndrome?

Pink Cloud Syndrome, What Is Pink Cloud Syndrome?, Pink Cloud, Pink Cloud Syndrome, Pink Cloud in Recovery

Imagine you have just accomplished a significant goal—something you have been working toward for a long time. Maybe you got promoted. Maybe your significant other accepted your marriage proposal. Maybe you published a novel or took a dream vacation or shared the joy of one of your children being accepted by their first-choice college. Take […]

Ignoring Signs of an Alcohol Problem

alcohol, beer bottle, drinking, sober, recovery

If you are a person in recovery from a substance use disorder, one of the best things you can do during the holidays is give yourself the gift of approaching each day mindfully in recovery.