Family Program Education Videos

During the pandemic, we are limiting campus visitation by those other than clients and staff. Our family program is now delivered online with additional digital resources available. In addition to Zoom group meetings, families have access to the following educational videos to learn more about the role of the family during treatment and beyond so they can best support their loved one in long-term recovery.

1. Family Program Introduction

2. Understanding the Disease of Addiction

Family members often struggle with the question of whether addiction is a personal choice or a complex brain disease. In this segment, we discuss the basics of addiction as a multidimensional disease with biological, psychological, social, and spiritual aspects affecting the entire family system.

3. Impact on Families

In this module, Garry talks about the impact of addiction on the family dynamic. In the struggle to regain some kind of control of the situation, family systems often inadvertently enable or enhance the continued substance misuse. Families as a whole are deeply affected by the behavior of the addicted person and need help, counseling, and resources to heal.

4. Family Recovery Skills

Families and their addicted loved one need to recover in parallel. This requires skills and understanding. Families need to remember that they didn’t cause the addiction, they cannot control the addiction, and they cannot cure the addiction.

5. Aftercare

Recovery is a life-long journey. Aftercare planning starts the day the patient is admitted to the Farley Center. It provides support and structure beyond treatment. Aftercare supports the maintenance of biological, psychological, social, and spiritual connections. All our aftercare plans are personalized.