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Cursive? Printing? Typing? No Matter How You Write, a Journal May be Right for You

Have you heard that many people are in an uproar about the decline of cursive? The thinking goes that if younger people never learn to read and write in cursive, they will not be able to read the treasure trove of historically important documents that were created in cursive. We aren’t ready to take a side in that particular argument. But we are ready to argue that writing—specifically the keeping of a journal—can be a wonderful way to support your sobriety and mental health. And the benefits of keeping a journal are available whether you write in cursive, prefer to

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Using Stimulants Like Adderall or Meth to Get High Sets You Up for a Fall

Many of us need (or at least believe that we need) a good strong cup of coffee in the morning to get us going. We rely on the caffeine in our coffee to help us shake off the grogginess we feel when we first wake up. And most of us don’t stop at a single cup of coffee—or if we do, we simply switch to another beverage with caffeine in it, like tea or soda or energy drinks. Caffeine, generally speaking, is pretty safe to consume (though it can disrupt your sleep, which is something to keep an eye on).

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