A Legacy of Recovery


The Farley Center at Williamsburg Place is a Virginia drug and alcohol addiction treatment center located near Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia. Our campus is situated minutes away from the historic district, nestled among the quiet pines near Waller Mill Park.  We are a place of healing in our nation’s first capital. We are known as a center of excellence offering quality, affordable addiction treatment. We are a place where people come to get well and where families find hope and a solution that works.

The Farley Center is licensed by the Commonwealth of Virginia through the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services and is accredited by the Joint Commission through the Behavioral Health Care Accreditation Program.

Tridimensional Treatment Approach

Our multidisciplinary team allows us to maximize a tridimensional treatment approach that involves the body, mind, and soul. 

The tridimensional treatment approach, often referred to as the “three-dimensional model of addiction treatment,” is a comprehensive and holistic framework for addressing substance use disorders (SUDs). It takes into account various dimensions of an individual’s life and addiction, recognizing that effective treatment goes beyond just addressing the physical aspects of addiction. The three dimensions in this approach typically include:

  1. Biological Dimension: This dimension focuses on the physiological aspects of addiction. It addresses the impact of substances on the body, the development of tolerance and withdrawal, and the role of genetics in susceptibility to addiction. Biological interventions may include detoxification, medication-assisted treatment (MAT), and medical monitoring to address physical health issues related to substance use.

  2. Psychological Dimension: The psychological dimension of the tridimensional approach delves into the emotional and cognitive aspects of addiction. It involves therapy and counseling to help individuals understand the underlying causes of their addiction, cope with cravings and triggers, develop healthy coping strategies, and manage co-occurring mental health conditions like anxiety or depression. Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), and motivational enhancement therapy (MET) are examples of therapeutic approaches used in this dimension.

  3. Social Dimension: The social dimension recognizes the influence of social and environmental factors on addiction. It involves addressing the impact of relationships, family dynamics, social support, and external stressors on a person’s addiction. Treatment in this dimension often includes family therapy, support groups, vocational and life skills training, and assistance in rebuilding social connections and support networks.

Key principles and components of the tridimensional treatment approach include:

  • Assessment: A thorough assessment of the individual’s physical, psychological, and social needs is essential to develop a personalized treatment plan that addresses all three dimensions.

  • Integration: The approach emphasizes the integration of biological, psychological, and social interventions to create a well-rounded and effective treatment plan.

  • Holistic Care: It views addiction as a complex condition that affects the whole person, not just their substance use. As such, it promotes holistic care that considers all aspects of an individual’s life.

  • Long-Term Focus: The tridimensional approach recognizes that recovery is an ongoing process and that treatment and support should extend beyond the initial phase of intervention.

  • Individualization: Treatment plans are tailored to each individual’s unique needs, taking into account their specific biological, psychological, and social factors.

  • Continuing Care: After formal treatment, continuing care and support are emphasized to help individuals maintain their recovery and prevent relapse.

This tridimensional treatment approach acknowledges the interplay of biological, psychological, and social factors in addiction and recovery. By addressing all three dimensions comprehensively, it aims to provide individuals with a well-rounded and effective path to lasting recovery.

Virginia Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center

The Farley Center offers superior addiction treatment services to individuals from all walks of life.  We are an 12 Step and medication assisted program, offering flexible treatment services that contribute to a continuum of care that assists patients to achieve long-term sobriety. Our treatment model allows us to help patients with detoxification and short-term stabilization in a residential setting as well as more flexible partial hospitalization that could vary from a few days to 3 months. During their stay, our patients receive psychotherapy—individually and in a group setting—experiential therapeutic interventions, integration into a 12-step recovery program, education, and sober-life skill-building.

“What I did find at Farley was at first a tiny bit of footing, which eventually grew into a full-blown foundation on which I built my new life in recovery.”

– Pam R., Alumna

The principles of the 12-step program of recovery are integrated throughout the patient’s experience.  All patients have the opportunity to develop a fellowship of support by learning and applying the spiritual principles of the 12-steps of recovery to their everyday life.

Our patients work collaboratively with a multidisciplinary team of highly qualified and licensed professionals to design a plan of treatment that is crafted for their addiction treatment needs.  We help patients identify those issues that can often sabotage addiction recovery, such as co-occurring disorders, marital and/or family conflict, and workplace/career concerns.

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If clinically appropriate, patients may participate in the therapeutic community at The Villages at Williamsburg Place. This experience is designed to offer each patient an atmosphere that is conducive to learning how to apply recovery-based living in a real-life environment.  Living with other recovering patients offers a setting that engenders peer support for each patient to begin assuming personal responsibilities and developing skills necessary for recovery.

The Villages offer:

  • semiprivate accommodations in comfortable two-bedroom apartments
  • a location on the Farley campus
  • a washer/dryer and fully equipped kitchen in each apartment


We recognize that our services are a stepping stone to our clients’ sobriety. By offering flexible treatment for patients and multiple financing options—including our relationship with various managed care organizations such as Blue Cross/Blue Shield, TRICARE, Value Options, and Cigna—we can help families access the finest addiction treatment in the country.


If you or someone you know is struggling with substance use and could benefit from our treatment services, please contact our admissions department at 888.707.3220 or fill out our admissions request form.