Anonymity is the spiritual foundation of our program.

Alcoholics Anonymous, 12th edition

Today’s public and political climate has raised everyone’s awareness of the need for privacy and confidentiality in the area of healthcare. There are laws, regulations, guidelines for licensure, and accreditations that mandate all individuals seeking help be protected. The issue of confidentiality is particularly important when talking about addiction.

The reason for this, of course, is ignorance. Many individuals—those afflicted, those related to an addict, and even those required to care and treat addicts—do not believe excessive use and continued dependence upon substances is a disease. They think of addiction as a moral issue, a matter of integrity or intelligence, or a lack of faith in themselves or others. They consider it intentional and a matter of choice. If addiction were any of those things, then our country—our people—would not be suffering.

Because of these beliefs, however, we need to make sure our patients are protected. We need to give them an environment where … … they no longer feel threatened. … they no longer feel they need to keep the secret. … they can feel safe. … they can prepare to appropriately self-disclose and re-enter life. Patients will be given the skills to do all of these things and more when they receive the kind of treatment we offer here at The Farley Center at Williamsburg Place. Please call us today at 888.707.3220 or contact us via e-mail with further questions on our privacy policies.