Farley Happenings

Farley Counselor, Andreas Bienert, checked in recently from his trip oversees in the Ukraine training students on the disease of addiction and advanced treatment skills.

I am just checking in and letting you know that things are going well during our training in Ukraine. This week we are training students in Advanced Clinical Skills, Addiction, Clinical Supervision and Ethics. On Saturday we are hosting an all day workshop for local Psychologists who are assisting the Ukrainian Department of Veteran Affairs in providing psychological aid to veterans returning from the front. The trainings will focus on Trauma Informed Care, Addiction, and general work with combat veterans.

I hope things are going well at Farley, and I look forward to coming back to work next week.



The referral source is considered an important link to a patient’s recovery and—when appropriate—will be considered part of the treatment team.

As long as releases are signed, we will notify the referrer once the patient arrives. We will maintain communication with the referral source while the patient is in treatment on a weekly basis, either by faxed note or phone call. Referrals will be involved in aftercare planning and notified once a scheduled discharge has been arranged.

The development of professional relationships helps create a strong, mutually beneficial relationship in local communities across the country. If you offer continuing care services or have an addiction practice, and would like to be included as a resource, please contact The Farley Center at 800.582.6066. If you prefer, you may complete the form below and our business development team will contact you.