Drug Use Assessment

Spend less than 5 minutes using our Drug Use Assessment Self-Quiz to learn more about your, or your loved one’s, potential severity of drug use.

If you answered “Yes” to 2 or more questions. it may indicate a substance use disorder. For more information, please contact The Farley Center. To receive our brochure, fill out the brochure request form

2 or more "Yes" answers indicates that a problem is likely to exist. For more information, please contact The Farley Center. To recieve our brochure, fill out the form here.

It’s essential to approach a drug assessment with honesty and openness, as accurate information is crucial for determining the most appropriate course of action. The results of a drug assessment are confidential and used solely for treatment planning purposes.

Here are some steps and questions you might consider in a drug use self-assessment:

  1. Honest Reflection: Take some time to honestly reflect on your substance use behaviors without judgment.
  2. Frequency and Quantity: How often do you use drugs? How much do you typically use in a single instance?
  3. Motivation: Are you using drugs for fun, relaxation, coping with stress, or other reasons?
  4. Impact on Life: Is your drug use affecting your daily life, relationships, work, or responsibilities?
  5. Cravings: Do you feel a strong urge or craving to use drugs, especially in situations where you previously used them?
  6. Loss of Control: Have you tried to cut down or quit using drugs but found it difficult to do so?
  7. Tolerance: Do you find that you need to use larger amounts of the substance to achieve the same effects as before?
  8. Withdrawal: Do you experience physical or emotional discomfort when you stop using drugs or when the effects wear off?
  9. Mood and Emotions: Do you use drugs to cope with negative emotions or to enhance positive feelings?
  10. Consequences: Have you experienced negative consequences as a result of your drug use, such as legal issues, relationship problems, health concerns, or financial difficulties?
  11. Desire to Quit: Have you thought about quitting or cutting down on your drug use, or has someone expressed concern about your drug use?
  12. Support System: Do you have a support system in place that can help you if you decide to make changes to your drug use?