Professional Rehab Program

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment for Professionals

Farley Center at Williamsburg Place has a rich history of treating high-functioning professionals. We are recognized as one of the pioneering treatment facilities in the country, helping licensed individuals with sophisticated defense mechanisms learn how to cope with life stressors without misusing alcohol or other addictive substances.

Treating these individuals in a cohort-specific setting eases self-disclosure and facilitates the subsequent repair of damage from substance related behaviors. As we build skills to better cope with demanding careers, we create a treatment setting that recognizes their professional status while maintaining universal recovery principles.

Professional Rehab Program:

  • Physicians
  • Nurses
  • Dentists
  • Pharmacists
  • Veterinarians
  • Allied health professionals
  • Military leadership
  • Attorneys
  • Pilots
  • Executives

Addiction Treatment for Healthcare Professionals

Our professional patients work collaboratively with a multidisciplinary team of highly qualified and licensed staff to design a plan of treatment crafted for their treatment needs. Utilizing ASAM criteria, we can identify patient needs and treat patients with programs ranging from detoxification and short-term stabilization to a more flexible partial hospitalization that varies in duration based on treatment goal attainment. During their stay, our patients receive intensive psychotherapy (individually and in a group setting), experiential therapeutic interventions, education, and sober-life skill building. Treatment often includes specific issues related to stigma, shame, connections with professional peers, accountability, identifying risky social situations, and developing a plan for returning to work. Additionally, professionals will engage in a physician-led group discussing topics related to monitoring and return to work, a medical lecture, and weekly Caduceus or legal professional meetings that are held on campus.

The principles of the 12-step program of recovery are integrated throughout the patient’s experience. All patients have the opportunity to develop a fellowship of support by learning and applying the Spiritual Principals of the 12-steps of recovery to their everyday life.


Our long-standing relationship with state professional health monitoring programs has allowed professional patients to transition from treatment back to their communities and regain status in their field.