Tactical Recovery Program; Mid adult male veterans discusses war experiences during a support group meeting for veterans.

Perhaps it is the ultimate irony that those who bravely step forward to protect our country are at such high risk for mental health and substance use disorders. At The Farley Center, we recognize that our active duty members, military veterans, and their families need specialized, personal treatment for addiction treatment.

Unsurprisingly, drugs and alcohol are commonly used as a coping mechanism in the military population. In fact, prescription drug use in the military tripled from 2005 to 2008, and 27 percent of Army soldiers screened 3-4 months after returning home from active duty met the criteria for alcohol abuse. Service members who served post-9/11 developed substance use disorders at twice the rate of those who served from 1990 to 2001. While using drugs or alcohol to cope is not unique to the military, the stressors and triggers to which military personnel respond must be understood and closely considered when developing a course of treatment.

Whether you are an active-duty service member, reserve military personnel, retired military veteran, or a dependent, our staff has experience navigating the circumstances that come with:

  • Multiple or drawn-out deployments
  • Disruptive changes in family dynamics
  • The emotional stresses of duty, including combat exposure, bodily injuries, and violence
  • Issues related to full-time employment in the service
  • Transitioning back to civilian life

Members of our Tactical Recovery program participate in men’s and women’s groups, pain management therapies, grief and loss groups, defense training, relapse prevention, and appropriate experiential therapies. We also offer intensive outpatient therapy and aftercare programming.

Our Military IOP (M-IOP for short) is designed to address the unique needs and challenges associated with the members of our military, law enforcement, and first responder clients.

Successful treatment outcomes have been strongly linked to the therapeutic alliance formed between the practitioner and the client. Our clinicians all have a military/law enforcement background as well as extensive experience treating this population. 

Our program provides the support, structure, and accountability needed for long-term recovery while also allowing clients to maintain work, school, or family commitments. Treatment programming is designed to address individual risks for relapse and current environmental stressors. 

Farley is Here to Help

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