Welcome Letter

At The Farley Center at Williamsburg Place, we strongly believe in the importance of our alumni staying connected with the center after discharge. We consider this important on a number of levels.

  • For the individual, it affirms what happened here was important and life changing.
  • The alumni program provides fellowship for alumni and acts as a bridge for newly discharged clients who are returning home and working to establish a productive and fulfilling life in recovery. This connection is a vital part of recovery.
  • By staying in touch with us, alumni have the opportunity to come back and share their stories, providing someone else with their experience, strengths, and hopes—that treatment here at Williamsburg Place and The Farley Center works and recovery is possible.

Communication with our alumni is a vital part of our commitment to your recovery. Ongoing communications with our alumni and associates are provided in various ways, including:

  • Our website provides current alumni information, interactive communications, and up-to-date news about alumni services, alumni events, and treatment support services.
  • Our goal for the coming year is to establish alumni groups throughout the country. If you are interested in forming an alumni group in your area, please let us know. For more information please e-mail alumni@farleycenter.com.

If you have a year of recovery and are open and willing to share your story of experience, strength and hope to the current patients residing at the Farley Center, please fill out our Share Your Story form to get put on this year’s calendar.