Evaluation Services

A variety of circumstances may prompt an independent comprehensive evaluation. In most cases, persons seeking these services perform safety-sensitive occupations, but others may find a diagnostic evaluation by a interdisciplinary team valuable in establishing a course of action. Since Farley Center has built expertise in treating professionals with substance use disorders over the past 30 years, our evaluation team is effective at breaking down complex cases based on specific criteria and providing actionable recommendations.

Our independent evaluation takes place over two days, and clients enrolled may lodge within a mile of Farley Center with our preferred hotels in the area.

  • An addiction medicine evaluation
  • A psychiatric evaluation
  • A comprehensive history and physical examination
  • A battery of comprehensive psychological tests
  • A biopsychosocial assessment
  • Toxicology using multiple methods

Additionally, neurocognitive testing, polygraph, and other tests are available, and participants are included in groups and campus activity when not being interviewed or tested.

Each participant in the comprehensive evaluation program will be seen by:

  • An addiction medicine physician
  • A neuropsychologist
  • An addiction psychiatrist
  • A primary addiction therapist

At the completion of each evaluation, an out-briefing meeting is conducted with the multidisciplinary team, the participant, and any third parties. Following the briefing, an evaluation summary will be provided to all parties and, within ten days, a comprehensive report will be supplied that can be used in a deposition or court proceeding.